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On-site peer evaluation of Huaneng Shidao Bay HTGR demonstration project concludes successfully
On September 8th, the 8-day on-site peer evaluation for the civil works construction of Huaneng Shidao Bay HTGR demonstration project successfully concluded. Deputy Chairman of China Nuclear Energy Association Mr. Zhao Chengkun and Vice President of China Huaneng Group Mr. Zhang Tingke attended and addressed the closing ceremony of the evaluation activity.

Mr. Zhao Chengkun highly commended the philosophy of pursuing excellence and the nuclear safety culture of Huaneng Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. He emphasized that the HTGR demonstration project is a national-level special project, representing the new technology of the nuclear power industry. The project has advanced design and high degree of technology innovation. But the "simultaneous progress of research, design and construction" has increased the difficulty and complexity of project construction and management. He hoped that Huaneng Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and the relevant organizations would seriously study the items requiring further improvement identified in this evaluation, and work out practical measures to improve the management level, so as to ensure the smooth and successful progress of the demonstration project.

Mr. Zhang Tingke said, the key management points, items requiring improvements and aspects worth special attention, which are pointed out by the evaluation team, are very specific and pertinent. Those would play a vital role for Huaneng Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co. to further improve its management and control capability, strengthen nuclear safety culture construction, and ensure the safe development of HTGR demonstration project. Huaneng Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co. should carry out the accountability system as soon as possible, further increase management of its strengths, and work out specific measures for items that require improvements, so as to make continuous innovations and tenaciously strive for excellence.

The peer evaluation team is composed of more than 20 experts from Nuclear and Radioactive Safety Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd. (affiliated to China National Nuclear Corporation), and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. etc. The team conducted evaluation for the construction and management work in 16 fields, including the safety and environmental management of HTGR demonstration project, and its installation and construction management, management of civil works construction, management of equipment and materials, design management, and project management etc. The evaluation team has reached an agreement that, since the inception of Huaneng Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., the Company has established the organizational structure which is suitable for the current project construction status, as well as the management outlines and procedures covering all fields of the construction in accordance with relevant nuclear safety laws and regulations by drawing on the experience of project construction management of counterparts, and has formed a relatively complete management system, which basically meet the requirements of nuclear project construction and management. The evaluation team also developed an observation report which identifies the management strengths and items to be improved based on the Objectives and Criteria for the Performance of Nuclear Power Project Construction.
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