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Unit 5 of Singapore Tuas Power Co. put into operation ahead of time
Unit 5 of Singapore Tuas Power Co., Ltd. was put into operation on November 30, 2013, about one month ahead of schedule.

The Unit is a natural gas combined cycle generating unit with installed capacity of 406MW, invested and constructed by Singapore Tuas Power Co., Ltd. after retiring a 600MW oil-fired generating unit. Using Alstom F-class GT26 gas turbine, dual-fuel boilers (natural gas and diesel), and triple-pressure reheat HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator), the Unit achieves a higher thermal efficiency. During project construction, Tuas Power Co. was able to make use of existing facilities such as seawater cooling, gas and diesel supply, desalted water and waste water treatment, and power grid connection etc, thus reducing engineering costs. The Unit 5 of Tuas Power will further consolidate Huaneng’s competitiveness in Singapore power market.

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