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Started Construction of Huaneng Biedieli Hydropower Station, the Largest Poverty Alleviation Project in Xinjiang

May 2, 2009, construction of Huaneng Biedieli Hydropower Station on Tuoshigan
River in Aheqi County, Kezile Suke’erkezi Autonomous Prefecture was started.
It’s the largest poverty-alleviation project in Xinjiang. Present at the foundation laying ceremony were Wang
Lequan, member of Politburo of CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Party
Committee of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Cao Peixi, President of China Huaneng Group.
This is a project of key support and development established under the agreement between Xinjiang and
China Huaneng Group on strengthening the strategic cooperation in the field of energy, a poverty-alleviation
project of China Huaneng Group with the support of Aheqi County counterparts and also the largest
poverty-alleviation project now in Xinjiang. The station is the 8th cascade in the “2-reservoir
and 11-cascade” plan for hydropower on Tuoshigan River and is a phase-1 development project in the cascade plan. This is a run-off power station developed through diversion, with a total installed capacity of 248MW. Power is generated in two levels,
each equipped with 4 units, totaling 8. The project involves a total investment of RMB 2.135 billion Yuan and will supply power
to Akesu and Aheqi grids through two voltage classes: 220 KV and 110 KV. After its completion and operation in August 2011,
the station will effectively ease the power shortage of the grid in southern Xinjiang and be of great significance for speeding up
the poverty reduction of local masses of all ethnic groups and safeguarding the firmness of the frontiers.
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