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Mr. CAO Peixi Met With Chairman of EDF

On April 28th, Mr. CAO Peixi, Chairman of China Huaneng Group, met with Mr. Levy, Chairman of EDF, in Beijing accompany by Mr. SUN Zhiyong and Mr. FAN Xiaxia, vice president of China Huaneng Group and Mr. Fourcadev, vice president of EDF. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation and seeking for win-win results in energy sector.

Mr. CAO extended warm welcome to Mr. Levy and his team for their visit. He said, Huaneng and EDF had maintained in-depth cooperation in many related areas and kept a deep friendship for a very long period. Since the signing of CFA last year, our cooperation had moved to a brand-new phase where we had achieved great progress by seeking for cooperation in fields of CCUS, key technologies of emission reduction, nuclear power safety management, overseas market development, LNG development, and employee exchange & training. There was a big market for the cooperation between EDF and Huanneg, and it meant a lot for both sides. Mr. CAO expected that the two parties could take the signing of Exchanging & Training Agreement as a great opportunity to strengthen our cooperation in developing international markets, developing renewable energy, and building excellent talent team. As a result, we can achieve a new high through accelerating cooperation on practical and specific projects, so that we can achieve breakthrough in our cooperation and make common development a reality.

Levy said that EDF had attached great importance to its cooperation with Huaneng because similar development path and strategic targets had generated extensive cooperation opportunities. EDF would implement CFA signed previously and the TCA this time actively by sharing experience with Huaneng in sectors of power mechanism reform, international development, energy technical service, LNG trading, and international markets developing. As a result, EDF and Huaneng could find more opportunities to promote practical cooperation and seek mutual benefits.

After the meeting, human resources department of both parties signed Training Cooperation Program on EDF-CHNG Exchange & Cooperation under the witness of Mr. CAO Peixi and Mr. Levy.

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