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Huaneng built the largest offshore wind farm in Asia
  At 22:25 of September 30, 2017, China Huaneng Group Jiangsu Rudong Baxianjiao Offshore Wind Farm Project successfully completed 240-hour trial operation and was fully put into commercial operation. This is Huaneng's first offshore wind farm project and also the offshore wind power project with the largest installed capacity in Asia so far.

  Rudong Baxianjiao Offshore Wind Farm Project is located in Rudong sea area of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with a total installed capacity of 300MW and a total of 70 wind turbines, including 4MW, 4.2MW and 5MW wind turbines, of which, 5MW offshore wind turbine is used in batch for the first time in China. The project employed the mode of "large isolated island" creatively, and two 110kV offshore booster substations were built to ensure the yawing, anti-corrosion and communication functions of wind turbine generators under special conditions.

  Aiming at building Huaneng’s first offshore wind power project into a “national best project” and “exemplary project”, Jiangsu Clean Energy Branch of Huaneng Power International Inc. paid close attention to safety and quality in project construction, strengthened site control and technological innovation, and carried out construction in an orderly and timely manner. Despite of a number of difficulties and challenges, such as frequent occurrence of typhoon, complex topography of construction sea area, etc., the company has successfully created a number of “firsts” in offshore wind power construction in China and accumulated valuable experience for offshore wind power construction.

  After the project is put into operation, the annual average feed-in electricity generation is estimated to be about 820GWh. Calculated by the standard coal consumption of 305 g/KWh for power generation, the project is estimated to save 250,200 tons of standard coal and reduce CO2 emissions by 550,500 tons/year, reduce ashes by 100,000 tons/year, and reduce water consumption by 2.4 million m3/year, with significant environmental benefits.

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