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Laiwu Power Plant Obtained the 2018 Asian Power Awards Gold Award
  The Asian Power Awards prize-giving ceremony, dubbed as the Oscar Gala of the power industry, was launched in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. Huaneng Laiwu Power Plant’s two 1030MW double-reheat units, owing to their high efficiency, low energy consumption, advanced indicators, good environmental protection, and high automation level, were granted with the gold award of power generation projects, becoming the only power generation project in China to obtain such an award.

  Laiwu Power Plant’s 1000MW level double-reheat project started construction in October 2012. It is the first project in Shandong Province to achieve ultra low emission standards once put into operation. The units’ power generation efficiency rate is 48.12%, gross coal consumption rate is 255.29 g/kwh, net coal consumption is 266.18 g/kwh. The three indicators are all at the leading positions in the industry. The project was endowed with honors, such as the First-class Award of 1000MW level ultra super critical wet-type cooling units in the Domestic Thermal Power Units Energy Efficiency Competition, and Quality Engineering Award of China Power Industry.

  Reportedly, the Asian Power Awards’ appraisal and selection is hosted by Asian Power magazine, aiming at sorting out the projects representing the most advanced development of power industry in Asia based on comprehensive evaluation of the project’s performances and its contribution to the power industry. The judges are experts, senior managers, and advisors in the power industry from Asian countries. Since its founding in 2005, through years of development, the Asian Power Awards is recognized by the industry widely. The award-winning projects were all great contributors to facilitate the Asian power industry’s development.

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