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Huaneng Issues 2018 Sustainable Development Report
  On June 10th, China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. formally issued the 2018 Sustainable Development Report. In 2006, the company became the first in the domestic power generation companies to issue sustainable development report. This year marks the 13th consecutive year of issuance. The report is rated five star, the highest class, by the Expert Committee of Chinese Enterprises Social Responsibility Reports Rating, becoming the only domestic power generation company with 8 consecutive years of five star rating.

  The Report, with the theme of ‘Responsibility Facilitates Development’, consists of Introductory part and Main part. There are 4 featured editions, namely ‘Huaneng’s Wisdom, Facilitating the Promotion of Party Building Tasks’, ‘Huaneng’s Love, Facilitating the Betterment of Public Wellbeing’, ‘Huaneng’s Planning, Facilitating the Promotion of Beautiful China’, ‘Huaneng’s Power, Facilitating the Construction of Belt and Road’, which reflect the responsibility-guided tasks of Huaneng Group in implementing the major requirements of Party building in the new era, and vigorously driving the targeted poverty alleviation, and the construction of Beautiful China, and Belt and Road Initiative. The main part of the Report consists of ‘Reform and Innovation, Facilitating Economic Boom’, ‘Ecological Civilization, Facilitating the Sustained Green’, ‘Opening-up and Cooperation, Facilitating the Sharing of Values ’,‘People-oriented, Facilitating the Personnel with Capabilities to Devote to the Prosperity of China’, and ‘Gratefulness and Devotion, Facilitating a Better Life’, illustrating in a systematic way the works and progress in reform and innovation, ecological civilization, opening-up and cooperation, people-oriented development, contributions to the society, and so on.
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