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China Huaneng ranks No. 286 Among Fortune 500 Companies
  On July 22nd (Beijing time), the Fortune Magazine released the 2019 Fortune Global 500 List. China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. ranks No.286 with operating revenue of 42.28 billion US dollars, up three positions as compared to last year.

  This year, the total operating revenue of the Fortune 500 companies is nearly 32.7 trillion US dollar, with a year-on-year increase of 8.9%.Total profits reach 2.15 trillion US dollar, with a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. The net profit rate is 6.6%, and ROE is 12.1%, both of which are better than last year’s figures. The top five companies on the list are Walmart, Sinopec, Royal Dutch Shell, Petro China, and State Grid. State Energy Resources Investment, SPIC, Huadian, Datang are all on the list, ranking No. 107, No. 362, No. 386, No. 438, respectively. The number of Chinese enterprises on the list has been increasing for 16 consecutive years. With a total of 129 enterprises on the list this year, China surpasses the Unites States (121) for the first time.
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