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Huaneng Installed the Farthest Offshore Wind Farm in China

  At 18:08 on September 29th, on the eve of National Day, the 300MW offshore wind farm of Huaneng Dafeng Phase I, the farthest offshore wind farm in China, was formally connected to the grid. It was a solid step taken by Huaneng in the process of building a 10 GW-scale offshore wind power base in the eastern coastal provinces. It was also a special gift for China’s 70th birthday from Huaneng.

  Dafeng Offshore Wind Farm is located in the Maozhusha waters of Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The farm center is about 55 kilometers offshore. The first phase installed capacity is 300MW, with a total of 68 wind turbines, including 48 sets of 4.2 MW turbine and 20 sets of 5 MW turbines. With the construction starting on December 20, 2018. all the staff has overcomed so many challenges and unfavorable factors as the long offshore distance, the complex and changable seabed of the main submarine cable route, the unpredictable marine weather condition, the short construction period, the lack of construction ships as well as difficulties in delivery of main turbines and in coordinating offshore construction. It has taken 9 months and 10 days to complete the project construction with high quality and high standards, which has accumulated rich experience for China to develop deep and offshor wind power in the future.

  After the completion and installation of the first phase the project, it is estimated that the annual on-grid electricity will be 860 million kWh, which is equivalent to saving 264,900 tons of standard coal each year, reducing 528,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 106,000 tons of ash and slag, 516,000 tons of smoke and dust, and saving 2.54 million cubic meters of water.
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