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Huaneng Wins One Gold and Nine Silver Awards of 2010 National Quality Projects
On December 23rd, the National Quality Projects Commendation Meeting was held in the Great Hall of the People. Five Gold Awards and 139 Silver Awards of National Quality Projects were announced, of which Huaneng won one gold and nine silver awards.

Huaneng Haimen Power Plant Phase I project (2 × 1000MW), which is the only “National Demonstration Project of Whole-Process Quality Control” in China’s power industry, won the Gold Award. This is also the first time for power projects in Guangdong province to win the “National Gold Award” since the foundation of this award in 1981. Nine projects of Huaneng won the Silver Awards, including Huaneng Rizhao Power Plant Phase II project (2 × 680MW), Huaneng Ruijin Power Plant Supercritical Units project (2 × 350MW), Huaneng Chaohu Power Co., Ltd. Phase I Project, Zhejiang Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant Phase II project, Huaneng Tongliao Baolongshan Wind Farm Project (148.5MW), Huaneng Zhenlaimali Wind Farm Phase I Project (49.5MW), Huaneng Taobei Wind Farm Phase II Expansion Project (49.5MW), Yunnan Dali City Huaneng Dafengba Wind Farm Project (49.5MW), Huaneng Shouguang Wind Power Phase I Project (49.5MW).

The National Quality Projects Award is the highest honor for construction quality in China. First established in 1981, this award is composed of the National Engineering Construction Quality Award, the National High Quality Projects Award and the Award for Outstanding Quality Management Team, which can be summarized as the three National Engineering and Construction Quality Awards. In the past 30 years, 1410 awards have been announced, 50 of which were gold awards while 1360 were silver awards.

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