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Cao Peixi and Huang Long Meet with Former Foreign Secretary of the UK

On March 17, Cao Peixi, President, and Huang Long, Vice President of China Huaneng Group met with David Miliband, former Foreign Secretary of the UK. The two sides exchanged opinions on combating climate change and strengthening international cooperation.
Cao Peixi introduced the development planning, overseas investment projects and green development of China Huaneng Group. He pointed out that optimizing of the power sources structure and reducing CO2emissions are important for Huaneng to improve its competitiveness and are unshirkable social responsibility of Huaneng. He said, China Huaneng Group will continue to strengthen exchange and cooperation with relevant international institutions to further promote energy technology innovation and demonstration project construction. The company has a good cooperation basis with UK energy companies and research institutes. He hoped that the two sides can enhance communication and jointly promote the development of clean energy technologies.
David Miliband applauded China Huaneng Group for its achievements in various aspects. He learned about the commercial value of CO2 capture technology, latest Chinese policies on nuclear power development, renewable energy development cost, and impacts of coal market changes on Huaneng, etc. He said, the UK government attaches great importance to international cooperation in clean energy fields. The UK and China have extensive common interests. He believed that, in the face of common challenges, the two countries will continue to cooperate closely with each other and make greater contribution to combating climate change.

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