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China Huaneng Group and Aluminum Corporation of China Strengthen Strategic Cooperation in 12th Five-year Plan Period

On April 6, China Huaneng Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Aluminum Corporation of China. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation in respect of construction and investment of power projects, development of mineral resources, and joint operation of aluminum and electricity etc. both at home and abroad during the 12th Five-year Plan period, using their respective advantages and resources. President Cao Peixi, Vice President Huang Long, Discipline Inspection Group Leader Ma Jing and Chief Economist Wu Dawei from China Huaneng Group, and President Xiong Weiping, and Vice President Liu Caiming from Aluminum Corporation of China attended the signing ceremony.
Cao Peixi thanked Aluminum Corporation of China for its great support to China Huaneng Group, and introduced the latest development of Huaneng. He said, China Huaneng Group and Aluminum Corporation of China have the foundation for long-term cooperation and are highly complementary to each other. As reform of the power industry deepens, and as Aluminum Corporation of China constantly expands its businesses, the cooperation between the two companies will become wider and deeper. He hoped that, the two companies would further strengthen strategic cooperation, and constantly achieve new win-win results from cooperation in direct power supply to large users, industrial synergy, and exploration of domestic and foreign markets etc.

Xiong Weiping thanked China Huaneng Group for its support and assistance to Aluminum Corporation of China, and introduced the achievements made through reform and development. He said, the next five to ten years would be a crucial period for structural adjustment and strategic transformation of Aluminum Corporation of China, and this would provide many opportunities for the two sides to deepen cooperation. He hoped that the two sides would take this strategic cooperation agreement as a new starting point, continue to explore areas of cooperation, and realize strong combination of the two large companies.
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