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Huang Yongda Visited Singapore Tuas Power for Market Survey


From April 17 to 18, Huang Yongda, Secretary of Huaneng Committee and Vice President, visited Singapore Tuas Power Ltd., inspected the construction site of Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex project and Tuas Power Station, and convened workshops with the management team and the staff of Tuas Power.

At the staff workshop, Huang Yongda spoke highly of the achievements made by Tuas Power since it joined China Huaneng Group four years ago. He thanked all the Tuas staff for their hard work, and encouraged them to make continuous efforts to strive for the better development of Tuas Power. In addition, Huang Yongda had an interactive discussion with the staff on topics such as increasing productivity, team building, and corporate social responsibility, etc.

At the management team workshop, Huang Yongda raised the following requirements: firstly, hold on to the core objective of production safety, and try to reduce the cost and increase efficiency by all means; Secondly, strengthen business training and enhance employee quality on the basis of maintaining team stability; thirdly, construct the Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex and the CCP 5 Project in accordance with the requirements of “High Quality, High Speed and Low Cost”. Huang Yongda emphasized that Tuas Power should stick to the main objective of maintaining the company’s overall competitiveness and business performance, and research and explore new development opportunities in other power markets.

At the site of the Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex Project, Huang Yongda listened to the work report of the Tuas management team and put forth three specific requirements: firstly, improve the organization and management on project contractors and ensure construction safety, schedule and quality; secondly, explore market demands and increase its economic benefit after project completion; thirdly, earnestly prepare for project production and strive to build it into a highly competitive project with good economic benefit.

During his stay in Singapore, Huang Yongda also met with Gregory Curl, President of Temasek Holdings Company. Both parties exchanged opinions about current economic situation, future trend of the energy industry, and potential mutual cooperation.

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